[M2 Seminar I] Week 1~4 : $\sqrt{\log t}$를 달기 위한 여정의 시작

Group study

[latexpage] 블로그 활동이 너무 뜸해서 연구일지나 쓰려고 합니다. 구체적인 연구내용이나, 세미나 발표자료들은 연구가 끝나는 대로 공개하도록 하겠습니다! 2013년 4월 12일 (금) 본격적인 M2 세미나가 시작되었다. 지도교수로부터 1-dimensional Klein-Gordon equation에 대한 여러 논문들을 추천받아 왔다. 방콕모드를 가동시켜서 일단 받아 온 논문들을 … Continue reading

[M1 Seminar II] Week 5 : High Energy Estimates

We prove the high energy estimates for the nonlinear wave equation on the nonlinearity $\alpha =1$. In fact, this problem is a special case of the quasi-linear symmetric hyperbolic system with some assumptions. By the help of the previous existence … Continue reading

[M1 Seminar II] Week 2 : Local Existence for Quasi-linear Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems (2)

This week, we will prove the local existence of quasi-linear symmetric hyperbolic systems by using $u^{k}$ which is iteratively defined by the solution of the linear symmetric hyperbolic system. For this purpose we first proved the boundedness of $u^k$ in … Continue reading

[M1 Seminar] Week 6,7 : A Global Existence Theorem to the Linear Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems

This week, we prove the global existence theorem to the linear symmetric hyperbolic system by using the standard energy inequality. M1_Semi_Week6-7  

[M1 Seminar] Week 5 : Energy Estimates for the Linear Symmetric Hyperbolic System

We derive the corresponding estimates for higher derivatives from the basic energy estimates which was given in the last week. We also prove a simple corollary using this result. And we discuss about the finite propagation speed of the hyperbolic … Continue reading