[M1 Seminar II] Week 6 : Weighted a priori Estimates for Small Data

For the proof of the global existence theorem of nonlinear wave equations, this a priori estimates is essential as well as the high energy estimates. Also the high energy estimates play an important role in the proof of a priori … Continue reading

[M1 Seminar II] Week 5 : High Energy Estimates

We prove the high energy estimates for the nonlinear wave equation on the nonlinearity $\alpha =1$. In fact, this problem is a special case of the quasi-linear symmetric hyperbolic system with some assumptions. By the help of the previous existence … Continue reading

[M1 Seminar II] Week 2 : Local Existence for Quasi-linear Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems (2)

This week, we will prove the local existence of quasi-linear symmetric hyperbolic systems by using $u^{k}$ which is iteratively defined by the solution of the linear symmetric hyperbolic system. For this purpose we first proved the boundedness of $u^k$ in … Continue reading