Sonata Arctica – Don’t Say a Word

Edited by Leun Kim


아는 형 중에 소나타 아티카 폐인이 한 명 있는데, 소나타 아티카 곡 중 명곡 하나만 뽑아보라니까 의외로 이 곡을 뽑더군요.

평범한 것 같아서 이유를 물어 봤더니 이런 명언을 남겼죠.

“미드템포의 적절한 스피딕과 멜로딕의 조화” 라고……

다음에는 같이 밴드 생활을 했던 드림씨어터 폐인인 친구와, 또 다른 밴드에서 기타를 치는 가르넬리우스 폐인인 형에게 똑같이 한 번 물어봐야 겠습니다…


I was born and raised in Daegu, S. Korea. I majored in electronics and math in Seoul from 2007 to 2012. I've had a great interest in math since freshman year, and I studied PDE in Osaka, Japan from 2012-2014. I worked at a science museum and HUFS from 2014 in Seoul. Now I'm studying PDE in Tokyo, Japan. I also developed an interest in music, as I met a great piano teacher Oh in 2001, and joined an indie metal band in 2008. In my spare time, I enjoy various things, such as listening music, blogging, traveling, taking photos, and playing Go and Holdem. Please do not hesitate to contact me with comments, email, guestbook, and social medias.

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