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  • Name : Leun. D. Kim (or Donghyun Kim)
  • Sex : Male
  • Blood Type : Type O
  • Hobby : Music, Travel, Photos
  • E-mail : kdh743 (at) gmail.com
  • Blog : http://www.leunkim.com


I am interested in the nonlinear partial differential equations, especially hyperbolic-type such as wave equations or Klein-Gordon equations. A list of courses which I have taken can be found Here .



Honors and Awards

  • Osaka University MiraiKikin, Graduate School of Science Scholarship, 2013–2014.
  • Osaka University MiraiKikin, Graduate School of Science Scholarship, 2012–2013.
  • Sogang University, Honors Scholarship (AA), 2011.
  • Sogang University, Honors Scholarship (A), 2010.


  • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Public Service Worker, Sep. 2015 – Mar. 2016.
  • Seoul National Science Museum, Public Service Worker, Mar. 2014 – Sep. 2015.
  • Teaching Assistant (Calculus B), Osaka University, Japan, Oct. 2013 – Feb. 2014.
  • Teaching Assistant (Calculus A), Osaka University, Japan, Apr. 2013 – Aug. 2013.

Activities in Music

  • Keyboardist in Band ‘Aramir’ (2007. 5 ~ 2008. 12)

    • Concert in Club CJHR (2007. 8)
    • Participation in Sogang University Festival (2008. 10)
    • Concert in Live Club SPOT (2008. 12)
  • Keyboardist in Melodic Speed Metal Band ‘Antimatter’ (2008. 8 ~ 2009. 3)

    • Festival in Sangmoon High School (2008. 10)
    • Festival ‘Diving Goolby’ in Seoul National University (2008)
  • Keyboardist in Melodic Speed Metal Band ‘Lucifer Effect’ (2009. 3 ~ 2011. 12)

    • Concert in Club Rolling Stones in Sinchon (2009. 7)
    • Concert in Club DGBD in HongDae (with Mutant and D.Cay) (2010. 6)
    • Concert in Queen Live Hall (2011. 9)

We could have completely covered some melodic speed metal songs, for example, Dragonland – The Neverending Story, Stratovarius – Eagle Heart, Kamelot – Forever, Revolution Reneissance – Last Night on Earth, Iron Maidon – Fear of the Dark, Sonata Arctica – My Land, 어둠 – 수묵화, Gamma Ray – Heaven can wait, 403 – Southern Cross, Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell, Sonata Arctica – Full Moon, Broken, Helloween – Before the War, Helloween – A Tale that wasn’t Right, Stratovarius – Stratosphere, Rhapsody – Emerald Sword and so on. Also we have composed songs in this style, for example, “Running bi-car” and so on.


Visited South Korea     Visited Japan

  • Kinosaki Onsen (2014. 3)
  • Okinawa (2014. 3)
  • Whole Japan (2009. 8) : Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo, Hachinohe, Aomori, Hakodate, Sapporo.
  • Hongkong (2006. 12)
  • Western Europe (2004. 12)
  • Tokyo, Japan (2006. 12)
  • Chingdao, China (2007. 7)
  • Whole South Korea (2007. 9)
  • Beijing, China (2007. 7)

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  • annyeong, wow i’ve seen ur profile..u’ve a really great education. i really proud of u. i would like to make u as my inspiration . can i ? hope we can going well together. i want to know u more.. kamsahamnida.. ~ppyeong~

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    • 우선 들러주셔서 감사합니다^^
      음 글쎄요, 저 같은 경우는 해당 시청(또는 구청)에 구구절절(?)하게 너무 비싸다고.. 안 깎아주면 탈퇴할 수 밖에 없다고.. 편지를 썼습니다. 뭐 그냥 편지는 아니고 건강보험료 책정 불복시 항의할 수 있는 健康保険料 不服申立 라는 형식이 아마 시청 홈페이지마다 있을 겁니다. 뭐 어차피 잃는 것이 없으니 한 번 보내보세요 ㅎㅎ

  • Hello :) I saw you followed my Tumblr, thanks for that. I really like the photos you post on your Tumblr, keep it up. You have quite an interesting blog. By the way, I love some of the songs you covered with your band :) how many instruments can you play? I play only piano but I would like to learn guitar too. cheers. :)

    • Thanks for visiting my blog Stellina! Sure, I’ll continue uploading my photos on the blog and Tumblr also, if time allows. I just can play keyboard instruments like a piano or a synthesizer. I would like to play the guitar, too, actually now I have an electric guitar but cannot play hehe.

  • wow! ur photos make me remember everything when we r young. Thus i wanna say something that help me to get S when u come back here as seoul museum boy. So u must keep in touch with s and me. Thx

  • Hello, I found your blog through tumblr and I find your experience very interesting. I am curious, are you doing your master’s in Japanese? English? and how was it? I am interested in doing a research exchange with a university in Korea (현재 구조공학원생입니다), but I only have a working knowledge of Korean. 

    • Hi nice to meet you Anna. Yes, I’m currently MS candidate in Japan. Usually I speak in Japanese, but also in English sometimes. If you want to study in South Korea, you may get some information from the university websites.

  • 캐논 85mm 렌즈 검색하다가 방문 했습니다.글 과 좋은 사진들 잘 보구 가구요~^^혹시 사진에 커서 가져다 대면 사진 정보 뜨는거 방법즘 알려주실 수 있으실까요?

  • 안녕하세요. 과제에 치이고 있는 대학생입니다. 맥북에서 여기를 들어오면 사진아 안뜨고 엄청 느리네요 구글크롬으로 들어와도 똑같네요 글도늦게뜨고 사진이 아예 안보입니다 왜 이런지 알수있을까요 김른님의 사진들을 볼수가없네요..